SATYA - AMAZON Book Review By Dharmendra Rai


My Amazon review for Bullets Over Bombay 

If you are a fan of Satya you already know 99 % of this book that 's relevant 

If you are not a fan of Satya than you re not going to read this anyway 

So I wonder who is this book written for ? 

I was expecting secret anecdotes & greater insights that were missing . I think I could write a better book myself ! 

Also most of the book is related to 1 ) how scenes from Satya were inspired from old boring movies that no one is interested in unless you are a film historian 

& 2 ) How Satya inspired several movies after it was made which is interesting to ppl who have nothing else to do than keep track of that 

Ghost of Satya past & Ghost of Satya future killed Ghost of Satya present ! 

After reading this book I felt like telling myself - GOLI MAAR BHEJE MEIN !