As a trainer on brain literacy it is a treat to study the criminal mind & learn the limitations of the human brain . Most con men have 3 factors on their side 
1 ) Hard work 
2 ) Creativity & 
3 ) Luck 
Nirav Modi s story ( my interpretation of it ) is that of a rare con man that had virtually no hard work & creativity & only luck . And luck unlike diamonds is not forever
Consider his MO . He took loans from banks & did not pay them back - it was that simple . The loan giving department of a big bank was in his pocket . There was a staff turnover in that department That 's when the fraud came out . Was 'nt it obvious that he would have needed to take care of the new guys in that department considering he had a " special relationship " with them ?
Next brainless behaviour . He absconds . Where to ? Not to some obscure country without an extradition treaty with India ( like his elephantine uncle ) but to the UK ! & how does he stay there - a city with probably the highest number of CCTV cameras in the world ? Not with plastic surgery , hats , glasses & beards - but as casually as if he was totally legit ! & he gets spotted not by a James Bondish character or by an agency like MI6 or the CIA but by a journalist !
Wonder how he made it through high school with a double digit IQ . Informative & entertaining like his previous book on the Yes Bank story Pavan Lall rocks it again  





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