Drishyam 2 Review by Dharmendra Rai


Drishyam 2 Review by Dharmendra Rai 

As a crime fiction writer myself I love to watch movies about crime. Most of them are disappointing because they are unable to be plausible in my mind . I become very analytical & hence am always looking at rationality holes . I guess I am spoiled by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle . Since very few writers can equal him, he has made my list of loved crime movies a limited one . Hence I hate Sir Doyle as much as I love him . 

I saw Drishyam 1 - the Hindi version only -with Vishal Devgan  . I think it was good - not great because - no spoilers - it stretched plausibility . I was surprised that there was a D2 because D1 seemed quite complete . I was wondering if it was another story in the vein of The Adventures Of GeorgeKootty & Family & was pleasantly surprised to see it was a continuation . I love sequels of good movies . I think sequels have been given a bad name by lazy film makers . They should learn from T2 , Godfather 2 & D2 that a sequel can work if there is a meaningful story & not if a lazy producer just wants to get a higher savings account balance . 

The movie is very well structured & tight . No silly songs - deemed mandatory by Bollywood . Can GeorgeKootty outsmart an entire system yet again ? Obviously he does because otherwise the movie would be a tragedy & tragedies suck . The end is not just extremely creative but also extremely believable . If you don t think it is credible , read - Talwar by Avirook Sen - a true story presented with incredible details . 

Alas ! It also gets philosophical in the wrongest way . It seems to suggest that GK may have escaped but he will be tense throughout his life about getting caught & that is a punishment in its own right . I think this is a stupid childish way to think about this world . I think every human must think of the world as a dark & evil place & must expect to be hit by a misfortune every day . Then he will protect himself & his loved ones against the vagaries of the world . Hence every human & not just people who have murdered must think of the future as an insidious enemy & think of ways of overpowering it . I have bought into this philosophy several years ago & am happier , healthier & richer for it . If you are a chronic pessimist than every good day brings a huge amount of joy & black swan events like Covid hardly affect you because you had always dreamed of disaster striking & are muscled up for it . But most motivational speakers implore you about positive thinking & gratitude . As I have said umpteen times - Motivational Speakers Are A Disease - I m The Vaccine ! 


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