My AMAZON Review : The Secret

My AMAZON Review : The Secret 

Snake Oil Slickly Made & Marketed How does one identify a con man ? 3 things . He makes your believe that 1 ) He can help you become bigger than Jeff Bezos 2 ) You can do that while you're relaxing on a beach & 3 ) Offers no hard evidence that his bullshit cream actually works ! The Secret ticks all boxes . It is very smartly written & talks about the thing that you need to act though the overall impression very strongly is that all you have to do is visualise , believe & presto - check your phone - your bank SMS says - Mr ABC your account # 197XXXXXX902 has been credited with a Trillion Dollars . This is very appealing to people with 2 traits 1 ) laziness & 2 ) Low RQ ( Rationality Quotient ) . In a world awash with people with these 2 characteristics, these slicksters laugh all the way to the bank . This is a regular occurrence Conmen duping apparently smart people appear in the news everyday . No short term fix here Till the planet has rationality as a core value its no secret that billions of people are on a suicide path to misery & poverty


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