My AMAZON Review : A Chair For Yoga


My AMAZON review : Never Imagined A Chair Can Transform Your Health So Much ! Guruji BKS Iyengar was such an ocean of critical knowledge of human health that his dying with teraflops of data that has been lost to mankind forever is one of the world's biggest tragedies . Despite having almost superhuman control over his body & massive energy at 90 that would put 20 year olds to shame he had an incredible amount of empathy for beginners & weak people . Hence he designed lots of props that fools think is a dilution of yoga . These fools don't even understand a trillionth of yoga that Guruji understood yet think they have the right to judge him . We are lucky he had such immensely dedicated students like Eyal Shifroni who have written this this book on just one prop - the chair . The billions of ways that a chair can be used for various asanas are almost impossible to conceive unless you read this book . I have benefitted immensely & have almost got a second life through Gurujis teachings & use of such props while practising Iyengar Yoga . Never believed in any other type