BIG MISTAKE ! Doggy Ice Cream by Ben & Jerry's

BIG MISTAKE ! Doggy Ice Cream by Ben & Jerry's 

Brace yourself for the 16 most important words in your life in marketing 

" Each brand must give rise to only one association in the brain in a competitive market "

This is proved time & again .Maybe these quizzes will get it done for you 

What do you think of when you think of online shopping ? 

I 'm a mind reader . I just know you thought of Amazon 

Want to go on ? OK I m feeling generous so here you go 

What do you think of when you hear the brand Marriott 

I can scan your brain like an X ray .The answer is " premium hotels "or synonyms 

If you are in a non competitive market you can disobey this law with impunity . If you are the only burger seller in a country - you can call your burger Birdflu & people will still eat it because they don 't have a choice 

Hence Ben & Jerry was associated with ice cream & now some people will associate it with doggie ice cream . Wait a minute ! When they think of dog ice cream they ll also think about successful dog food brands like Pedigree & Royal Canin so Ben & Jerry is automatically advertising for these brands ! People will either buy doggy ice cream from the canine brands if available or they ll wait for the canine brands to start making them - which they definitely will . They ' ll probably not buy Ben & Jerry's Doggie Desserts or buy it just for the sake of variety & curiosity but they won't buy it on a sustained basis because they have perceived better specialised canine brands to choose from .If the canine brands don 't come up with ice cream then they ll probably pretend doggie ice creams don 't exist

Another problem with Ben & Jerry's  Doggie Desserts is the human brains compulsions to form deep associations not just between brands & attributes but between anything & anything ! & the association between dogs & ice creams is the most foolish association in the world if you are also selling that brand to humans ! I m sure most people will stop consuming Ben & Jerry because they 'll associate it with dog food - unfit for humans  or ice cream that has dog hair in it or wait a minute - what if my scoop has mistakenly come off a doggie ice cream bucket ?

So not only will Ben & Jerry's fail in dog food in the long run it will also ruin the human ice cream brand it has painstakingly built 

Dog days ahead for Ben & Jerry's !



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